Hello! I am a brazillian aspie who discovered my love for videogames when I was just 3 years old. I used to play games like Driver, Mega Man X and Spyro The Dragon in my old Playstation 1. My first artistic experience was playing in a black metal band.

I’m mostly doing everything in this project by myself, so I’m really glad that you’re exploring this website! I just majored in Game Design and had some experiences in making smaller gameplay focused experiences, but story focused experiences — especially if the mechanics contribute in telling the story — are my passion. Thus, I decided to make my first solo indie title a story focused game.

This is not only a story I want to tell — with emotional struggles I deeply relate as an autistic person — but also a tribute to many artists who inspired me into making games, such as Swery65, Suda51, Dingaling and many others. I want to use the medium of interaction to make you understand Mason’s struggles against his own reality. Hope this game changes the way you view things, even if just a little bit.


Bruno Roberto Mei


MY FAVORITE GAMES: Killer7, Nier, Flower Sun and Rain, Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Hotel Dusk Room 215, Pathlologic and Silent Hill 2.

MY FAVORITE MOVIES: Ran, 12 Angry Men, Tetsuo The Iron Man, Tokyo Fist and Lost Highway.

MY FAVORITE BOOKS: Fahrenheit 451, The Metamorphosis, At The Mountains of Madness and One Hundred Years of Solitude.